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About Us

We are licensed Realtors® here in Texas.  We work for The Michael Group Real Estate, LLC., a broker in Dallas.  Our office is near Walnut Hill and Central Expressway, but normally we will meet you where you are.  Don't hesitate to ask us any question about real estate.  Naturally, before we spend a lot of effort researching or showing homes, we'd prefer that you get qualified for a mortgage loan.  It's not hard and will set some expectations for what priced housing to look for.  

We make our home in Rowlett about a block from Lake Ray Hubbard.  We moved here when TX-66 was only 2 lanes wide (yes, it's 6 now), before the Bush Turnpike came anywhere close (yes, there are 4 sets of exits now), and before DART put a train station in (yes, it's the eastern terminus now). 

We've earned some badges over the years. Here's a few of them:

Of course, we're Realtors®, but there is more to being one than just passing a test and paying a fee.  Realtors® subscribe to the Code of Ethics, which is designed to protect the public and members of the real estate community.  Before we're Realtors®, we're human, and we respect all our customers and clients.  It's more than just a job – it's our profession.

Between we have over 1,000 of training and education accumulated over the years, not counting the hundreds of transactions we have been part of. 

Short Sales & Foreclosure Specialist Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist is a designation from training and experience dealing with banks on short sales and helping buyer purchase properties (REOs) from lenders.
Accredited Buyer Representative is a designation from intensive training and experience in dealing with buyers and their needs.

We subscribe to the tenets of Equal Housing Opportunity as required by Federal law and pledge not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status.

Texas created a special designation for Realtors® who are trained with special knowledge about statewide affordable housing resources and products.  A TAHS-designated Realtor® is dedicated to increasing the rate of homeownership and retention.

Electronic Professionals are Realtors® who have demonstrated their understanding and capability with modern electronic tools, such as the Internet, wireless listing access, and social media for real estate.  ePro training covers many of these tools for both buyers and sellers.
The Greater Dallas Association of Realtors® offers this designation to members who have been trained on the various neighborhoods in Dallas that have historic significance.  The architecture and amenities as well as the rich history of Dallas housing make this specialty designation important to buyers looking into mid-century or earlier construction.
Texas grants this special designation for Realtors® who have undergone training for TAHS designation, which includes instruction on "green" and taking a wholistic approach to affordability.
Both of us have learned other languages.  The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals welcomes members (fluent or not) who desire to assist customers with Spanish-speaking backgrounds.  There is no French-speaking organization, but we would probably join that, too.
¡Bienvenidos a Rowlett!  Bienvenue a Rowlett.
Veterans Land Board Veterans' Land Board
Probate Certification Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist.  Before an owner dies we hope they have put Estate Planning into place.  There is no single answer for every owner and all owners should consult their professionals for what works for the owner.  Once an owner dies, however, the executor or administrator may need help navigating the complex process of Probate.  We can help. 


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