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Homes for Rent in McKinney

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Here's a map of the McKinney area showing properties available for rent or lease. The number inside the icons on the map show the number of properties in that area that are available. If you hover over an icon, it will tell you the location. By clicking the icon the map will zoom in to show more detail.

Click the X by Search Criteria to see the whole map. Click the Homes icon to open the criteria panel. You can change the Type of property you're looking for, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and so on by sliding the white end points to any value you want.

Wow! Lots of buttons – how do I make the map work? MapTool Help

Search Homes for Rent in McKinney

After you find the right place or some candidates you'd like to go see, call us. Or, you can fill out this form to contact us.

Application for Renting

There are two places to sign: one on the application and one on the authorization (to verify the information you gave on the application).

The form is designed for individuals – so each adult must fill out a copy of the form. Co-applicants are listed on the first page and they must complete their own application and sign an authorization.

Fees and terms vary among different property manager. Most want a copy of a government ID (e.g. driver license) along with your fee. Many want to see proof of income, such as copies of paystubs. The fee itself is always paid in "good funds" – no personal checks. Most want cashier's or money orders. Some take cash.

Click this link to download the Lease Application Lease Application form download Apartments and some single-family property managers use either their own forms or forms from TAA. Possibly this form from TAR will not be accepted. Ask us first.

After you have printed the form, fill it in honestly. If a property manager finds untrue items on the signed form, you'll probably be rejected and lose your application fee.

If you and your spouse have almost identical information, many managers will accept just the basic information on the second applicant, including where you work, and just put "same as " spouse in sections that are repeated information from the spouse's form.

You'll need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view the form on-line and to print a copy locally at your computer. Just click on the graphic to go to Adobe and download the program. AOL users:

Go to Adobe to Download Reader

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